About Dongbai

Dongbai Tang is an artist who likes to challenge, and he uses special Invisible glowing UV paint and art techniques to create a gorgeous glowing painting on clothes、human body、canvas and walls.

Exploring unfamiliar art area is a fascinating thing for him. 

Also Artist Dongbai Tang whose specialty is drawing realistic portraits, animal portraits, large murals, fluorescent paintings, airbrush car painting for past 26 years. .He is particularly good at realistic portraits: using airbrush、hand brush、 color pencil painting techniques.

Since he moved to the United States, Dongbai Tang opened his International Art School In the City of Pontiac, IL. He instructs basic to advanced airbrush and basic drawing class in addition to offering UV blacklight painting classes. He was featured as a custom painter at Chicago Auto Show and has developed a clientele for his custom work on murals, motorcycles, cars, canvas, clothing, and much more. He worked in Pontiac, IL for seven years, from 2011 to 2019, so he loves there very much. Pontiac IL is his hometown in the USA.

Over the whole period artist Dongbai Tang developed his own unique style. Recently he has uploaded a few videos that show the painting process itself as well. 

In 2019, Dongbai brings his new artworks: Invisible Glowing T-shirt Painting to New York. He worked with professional photographer Xudong Lin and the beautiful models who study at University.

Xudong Lin, a professional avant-garde photographer, focused on the night light and low-light photography and research, and he is also very experienced in this field.