Glowing Clothing Painting

Gorgeous Glowing Clothing Painting Only Visible Under UV Light

–The Art Invisible By Day, Amazing By Night!

Do not just believe the things you have seen. In some areas you can not see, there are also a variety of the world. Under Black light UV light radiation, have a magical image, it is bright and colorful, true not false images.

The art that you can’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

In normal light, you can not go to capture it, but it is real, it presents, is very shocking, unspeakable, to make you feel like being in another world, dreamlike.

The invisible glowing painting that can only be seen under a black light.

Dongbai Tang is an artist who likes to challenge, and he uses special glowing UV paint and art techniques to create a gorgeous painting on clothes.

Exploring unfamiliar art area is a fascinating thing for him. 

Dongbai Tang held the first Invisible Glowing Pretty Dress Art Show at the Hard Rock Cafe on the eve of Christmas 2010.

He showed dresses Five of his artwork: 《Mermaid》, 《Dragon Robe》,《Starry Sky》,  《Peacock》, and 《Butterfly Flower》.

When you just walked into the Hard Rock Cafe, it was dim at first to see. However, as the black light turns on, it presents a beautiful new world immediately.

These hand-painted colors and patterns on the dress show a vivid, real, and illusory scene under black light.

The combination of light and shadow, the combination of clothes, and the human body is what makes the dress paintings have a more three-dimensional look. 

When the black light goes out, the normal light on, everything goes back to mundane immediately, the glamorous dresses turned into with all clean white and without any patterns and colors!

Since he moved to the United States, Dongbai Tang opened his International Art School In the City of Pontiac, IL. He instructs basic to advanced airbrush and basic drawing class in addition to offering UV blacklight painting classes. He was featured as a custom painter at Chicago Auto Show and has developed a clientele for his custom work on murals, motorcycles, cars, canvas, clothing, and much more. He worked in Pontiac, IL for seven years, from 2011 to 2020, so he loves there very much. Pontiac IL is his hometown in the USA.

In 2021, he brings his new artworks: Invisible Glowing T-shirt Painting to New York.